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Wooden boxes

we can produce and delivery your wooden boxes in many sizes and designs according to your specific request - may be a wide range of very small packets from the ring or other small thing through boxes for pens, games, gifts, boxes for tea, coffee, chocolate, etc. to large boxes - boxes for transportation or storage of a larger heavier goods, industrial products and preparations.

This entire range can allow you to deliver a number of design with regard to quality - from simple boxes for single and single-use and luxury gift boxes, and for frequent use.

Inside boxes we can prepare specifically for the purpose for which you use the box - it may be a rail, grilles and removable parts shelf, but also a foam or plastic inserts for the fixation of stored objects. The inner side of lid and bottom can be interpreted in an appropriate material, such as flock and covered with silk, creating a luxurious look at the box opening. These materials can be screen-printed customer's request. The lid can be transparent material is under which it is easy to see the contents of the box.

Boxes can be provided with a logo according to your wishes - it may be one or multi-color screenprinting or hot-stamped logo in gold or silver placed on the pins. Logo can be of course on the transparent material of the lid. Also can be used labels, or metal plates, printed, cast resin and the like.

In addition to the boxes we can offer the production of many other products, such as various stands and holders for pens, brushes and tools, paint palettes, boxes without lids, various promotional items, etc.

Enter then into other parts of our offer, where you'll find detailed information and pictures of our production boxes and other products.

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